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Level Job Title Name Grade Directorate Service Type of Contract Contact Details Salary Band Salary Ceiling Salary Pension Contribution Bonuses Expenses Allowances Loss of Post Compensation Benefits in Kind Bonus Detail Benefits Details Responsibilities
1 Chief Executive (BWDBC) Harry Catherall Chief Executive BwDBC Chief Executive Permanent Contract harry.catherall@blackburn.gov.uk 140-144999 149,412 144,203.2 12,907 0 0 0 980.29 None Car Lease (See Pay Policy) + Mileage The Chief Executive Leads and takes responsibility for the work of Council staff who run the local authority on a day to day basis. The role involves working with elected Members to ensure strong and visible leadership and direction, encouraging and enabling managers to motivate and inspire their teams, ensuring all staff understands and adheres to the strategic aims of the organisation, the Borough and beyond and follow the directions set by the Elected Members, acting as the principle policy advisor to the Elected Members of the Council to lead the development of workable strategies which will deliver the political objectives set by the Councillors, leading and developing strong partnerships across the public, private, voluntary sector and with the public and local community to achieve improved outcomes and better public services for local people.
2 Executive Director Resources Denise Park Strategic Directors Resources Executive Director Permanent Contract denise.park@blackburn.gov.uk 120-124999 118,356 123,710.37 14,143.56 0 0 0 244.29 None Car Lease (See Pay Policy) + Mileage Responsibilities within the Council includes support to the Chief Executive in the delivery of their responsibilities (as set out in this report) and cover overall leadership for Human Resources, Legal, Corporate, Finance, IT and related services, ensuring that the Council continually develops appropriate, efficient and effective services for the local community.
2 Executive Director People Sarah McIvor Strategic Directors People Executive Director Permanent Contract Sally.McIvor@blackburn.gov.uk 110-114999 118,356 113,997.91 12,982.77 0 0 0 114.31 None Car Lease (See Pay Policy) + Mileage Responsibilities include the statutory role of Director of Adult Social Services (DASS) and overall responsibility for all services for adults and children across the borough, supporting the emerging new social contract between local authorities and their communities and working closely in partnership with health and related partners across the borough and wider.
2 Executive Director Place Thomas Flanagan Strategic Directors Place Executive Director Permanent Contract Tom.Flanagan@blackburn.gov.uk 80-84999 118,356 84,218.68 9,472.85 0 0 0 0 None Car Lease (See Pay Policy) Responsibilities include leading the development of the Borough with other local authorities and partners across Pennine Lancashire, including the LEP and the wider NW Region, strategically leading the continuous improvement to the environment, neighbourhoods and look and feel of the Borough. To engage with the private sector to improve and increase business involvement in the regeneration of the Borough and fulfil the aspirations and objectives of the council�s strategic plans.
3 Director of Children's Services (DCS) Linda Clegg Director's Group 1 People Children's Services Permanent Contract linda.clegg@blackburn.gov.uk 95-99999 88,557 99,064.25 9,945.74 0 0 0 4,342.67 None Car Allowance + Mileage Responsible for all children�s services in the borough these services include services and responsibilities related to schools, early help and children�s centres, children�s social care services including children�s home, fostering and adoption services. This role is the statutory Director of Children�s Social Services (DCS).
3 Director of Housing & Localities Sayyed Osman Director's Group 1 Place Housing & Localities Permanent Contract Sayyed.Osman@blackburn.gov.uk 90-94999 88,557 90,947.7 9,155.76 0 0 0 3,750 None Car Allowance Responsibilities include, community safety, strategic housing, neighbourhoods and engagement including lifelong learning and provision of young peoples services.
3 Director of Growth & Prosperity Brian Bailey Director's Group 1 Place Growth & Prosperity Permanent Contract brian.bailey@blackburn.gov.uk 85-89999 88,557 87,197.7 9,155.76 0 0 0 3,750 None Car Allowance Responsible for regeneration and economic development support, transport, planning, building control services, town centres, tourism, property and housing growth.
3 Director of HR, Legal & Corp. Services David Fairclough Director's Group 1 Resources HR, Legal & Corporate Services Permanent Contract david.fairclough@blackburn.gov.uk 85-89999 88,557 87,197.7 9,421.44 0 0 0 3,750 None Car Allowance Responsibilities include the Council's Monitoring Officer role, HR/payroll services, legal services, health & safety, democratic services, communications/PR.
3 Director of Finance & IT (S151 & SIRO) Marie Louise Mattinson Director's Group 1 Resources Finance & IT Permanent Contract Louise.Mattinson@blackburn.gov.uk 75-79999 88,557 79,724.18 7,544.43 0 0 0 3,518.22 None Car Allowance + Mileage Responsibilities include being the Statutory Section 151 officer, revenue and benefits services, customer services, budget & treasury management, audit & procurement, the designated SIRO, information governance, information technology strategy and complaints.
3 Director of Adult Services (DASS) Stephen Tingle Director's Group 2 People Adult Services Permanent Contract Stephen.Tingle@blackburn.gov.uk 90-94999 80,649 93,055.17 9,125.4 0 0 0 4,062.5 None Car Allowance Responsibilities include, statutory role of Director of Adult Social Services (DASS), ASC, integrated commissioning, personalisation agenda, council's resources for adults services and housing needs.
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