Achieving greater transparency of public bodies is a central theme of the Government's programme. The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government has instructed local authorities to take a proactive stance to publishing all information. In so doing making sure that it is easy to find and understand.

Government guidance states that data must be published without restriction. Public data should be released in an "open format" that is reusable, available to everyone to be exploited for social and/or commercial purposes.

DataShare is being developed by the Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council as a way to make accessing and inspecting this data easier for everyone; as well as simpler for developers wishing to use the data in their applications, web sites and widgets. 

Available data sets

To support our commitment to transparency, involvement and innovation, we will work towards making all public data (that is not sensitive or personal) freely available to view and download. All data sets that are currently available can be found in our View and Download areas.

Personal data

In some data sets you may see the term Redacted personal data. This is used to protect personal data and prevent any individual being identified.

The Information Commissioner's Office has details on your rights under the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation, and what you should expect from us.

Using our data

The usage of our data is subject to our licence and code of conduct. If you do use any of the data provided by us in apps, widgets, web sites or mashups, then please let us know. We'll provide links to the most useful so other users can benefit from the work you have done.

Contacting us

If you have any comments or wish to know more about DataShare please contact us.

While we are committed to publishing as much open data information as possible, some data takes considerable time and expense to make available. By identifying the datasets users would find the most interesting, we can prioritise our work to have them released. Please use the online contact us form to suggest a dataset for inclusion in DataShare.